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What is the difference between a hidden camera and a spy camera?

There really isn't much difference between a hidden camera and a spy camera. In fact these products are essentially the same thing; a camera hidden inside of a regular everyday household item. Generally a hidden camera is not necessarily used to spy on someone. Many people use them as security cameras just in case something were to happen. It can be beneficial to have a hidden camera as a backup camera for your other security cameras incase your visible cameras are destroyed or stolen. Hidden cams are excellent security devices for you home, car or business. Your goal may not necessarily be to "spy" on someone but instead protect your valuables just in case something happens. A spy camera is used for the purpose of spying on someone in particular in attempt to catch them engaging in a particular activity. Whether your goal is to spy on someone or secure your home, both spy cams and hidden cams could serve the same purpose.

How can I use a hidden camera as a backup camera for my security cam?

If you have installed security cameras to protect your home or business from any criminal activity such as a robbery, a hidden camera can be a great way to ensure you capture the video evidence you need. Visible security cameras serve 2 purposes; capturing video evidence and deterring criminal activity. When the cameras fail to deter criminal activity, It is not uncommon for a thief to destroy or steal the cameras that are put in place to catch him/ her in the act. Because of this you may consider installing a hidden camera. When choosing your device, it is important to consider the object your camera will be hidden in. It may not be ideal to get a camera that is hidden in a DVD player or iPod Docking station as these are devices that a thief might steal. It is best to look for a hidden camera in an everyday inexpensive household item, like an air purifier or smoke detector.

Why might I need a hidden camera?

Hidden cameras are a great way to make sure that your home or business is protected at all times. Many people install them for protection and later learn that the people around them are not as trustworthy as they once thought. A hidden camera will give you the ability to be that little fly on the wall. Hidden cams serve as peace of mind. You'll rest assured knowing that if anything of concern should happen, you will have video evidence.

How do hidden cameras record video?

It depends on the camera you get. Some hidden cameras record video to an internal memory or SD card, while others transmit video to a receiver that may allow you to record to the hard drive on your computer or VHS tape in your VCR. There are also several Hidden video cameras that will allow you to view your footage live online. If you are having trouble determining which device best suits your needs, please contact our representatives for help. You can call us at 1-888-779-2268 or chat with a friendly spy cam specialist live online.

How long can a hidden cam record for?

This also depends on the device. Every hidden camera is designed with different features. The amount of time your camera is able to record for depends on power and video storage. Some cameras can store large amounts of video but may have a battery that will only last a few hours. Other cameras may have an extended battery life but may only be able to store a few hours of video. There are many hidden cameras that plug in for continuous power and are capable of storing 10's if not 100's of hours of footage. For help finding a device that suits your recording needs call us at 1-888-779-2268.

How to determine the length of time your camera can record.

1. First determine how long the battery on your device will last while recording.
2. Then note how much video you camera can store

  • The smaller number is the amount of video your camera will be able to record before you will either need to delete footage from the camera's memory OR recharge the battery.
  • If the camera plugs in for continuous power your device will be able to record video until you run out of video storage.

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