Frequently Asked Questions that May Help You Find What You're Looking For

How do I tell which spy cameras can record for the length of time I need?

Spy cameras vary in terms of power and video storage. A battery operated spy camera that can store 16 hours of video may only be able to record continuously for half that if the battery is only designed to last 8 hours. Likewise, a camera that plugs in for continuous power may only be able to STORE 8 hours of footage. You want to make sure you consider both POWER and AVAILABLE VIDEO STORAGE when choosing a device. Additionally if your device records to a removable SD card, you will want to make sure that you purchase the appropriate size that suits your needs.

I need to record for a long time but I don't have an outlet available to plug in a continuously powered unit without drawing suspicion. What do I do?

This is important. Battery operated spy cameras only last so long. In some cases motion detection will help conserve battery life on devices with extended batteries which may solve your problem. But this is not your only option. Many people think that they may only be limited to battery operated spy camera because there is not an outlet available in the area they wish to record. While this may be true for body worn devices, there are many creative options for a home spy camera. Many of the devices we carry work as they were originally designed to work. For example our iPod docking station will actually charge your iPod or iPhone in addition to providing hidden surveillance in your home. You might consider replacing an existing device in your home with a similar device that has a built in spy camera or choose a device that you can justify as a new and necessary object. A good example of a device like this might be an Air Purifier. Most of our Air Purifiers work as Air Purifiers and will filter and clean the air in your home. The hidden camera inside runs off the power from the Air Purifier and does not draw attention. This is a device that can be easily placed in your home without drawing suspicion. Who wouldn't want cleaner air?

I really need a spy camera but I don't want to break the bank. How do I find what I need within my budget?

Spy cameras can be very expensive. The more features you need the more they are likely to cost. Still there are many inexpensive options available if you are able to forgo some features that are not absolutely necessary. Night vision for example can greatly increase the cost of a spy camera. You might just consider leaving the light on instead. Battery operated devices with extended batteries that can last up to 20 hours can also hike up costs. Instead you might want to try a plug in unit. It is important to be creative when searching for a spy camera on a budget. Now we understand that some features may be absolutely necessary. Without knowing your situation it would be hard to offer recommendations in this article. If you have trouble finding a device that suits both your needs and budget, call us at 1-888-779-2268 and speak to one of our representatives. Our highly trained representatives are happy to walk you through what is and is not available within your budget. They can also offer you alternative creative solutions that won't break the bank.

There are so many choices. What is the difference between all these cameras?

There are essentially 2 types of spy cameras; Wireless and Self-contained. Either of these types of spy cameras may be available with different features like motion detection, scheduled recording, battery operation, continuous power, night vision etc.

Wireless Spy Cameras:

A wireless spy camera transmits video "wirelessly" to another location. Most transmit to a receiver. There are several versions of this type of unit. Where your video is recorded depends on the type of wireless camera you get. Generally there are versions of wireless spy cameras. Each version is determined by where the recording takes place.

  • Wireless RCA - the receiver on this unit connects to a television or VCR. Video is relayed through the television and recorded to a VHS tape in your VCR.
  • Wireless USB - the receiver on this unit connects to a computer. Video is relayed to the computer. Recordings can be played back from the computer's hard drive.
  • Wireless SD - the receiver on this unit has an SD card slot and does not need to be connected to a computer or television to record. Video is transmitted from the camera to the receiver. The receiver records the footage to the SD card inside.
  • Wireless WIFI - This unit does not use a receiver. Instead the camera in this device is designed to transmit video to a wireless router, allowing you to view your live footage online . Depending on device you may or may not be able to record video.
  • Wireless 3G - This unit does not use a receiver. This unit is able to transmit video to the internet using a 3G network, the same way your cellphone makes calls. Footage can be viewed live online. It is unlikely you will be able to record with this device. Additionally this device requires a cell service and will cost additional fees for usage.

Self-Contained Spy Cams

Self-contained spy cameras record to an internal memory or removable SD card. Footage is recorded for playback later. Generally these units are the easiest to use. Most units can be connected to a computer with a usb cable, allowing you to view and download your footage. Some units have an optional RCA connection allowing you to play back your footage directly from your television.

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