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Frequently asked Questions that may help you find what you're looking for

I am afraid a new device will look suspicious. Do you have spy cams that are not noticeable?

The short answer is YES. There are many spy cameras that are designed for exactly this situation. We understand that not everyone can just add a new clock to their home without raising some questions. This is why we offer units disguised as smoke detectors, Co2 detectors, AC adapters, Phone chargers and wall outlets. Some of these devices would go completely undetected in a vacant house. Many of them can be used in almost any room without drawing unwanted attention.

I am looking for a spy cam that is versatile, as I want to be able to use it both at home and away from home. Do you have a spy cam that can be used anywhere?

We offer many devices that are flexible for use in almost any location. An iPhone charger for example works well in any room in your home but could also be used at work. It could even be used when you're on vacation. And the beauty of this device is that it plugs in for continuous power, so there is no need to worry about battery life.

There are several devices available that can be used in multiple locations as needed. If you have trouble finding one that works well for you, try chatting with one of our representatives as they may be able to help you with additional options.

I am looking for a car spy cam. Do you have any spy cams for cars?

This is can be a very frustrating problem, as there is not a place to continuously power a device in your car. There are many battery operated spy cameras that can be used in a car without suspicion. Some devices are specifically designed for cars like the GPS mount spy cam, which is just a mounting dock for your GPS. Other spy cameras may not necessarily be designed for a car but could definitely be used as such. For example a book spy camera or a teddy bear spy camera would not look out of place in the back seat of your vehicle.

You will need to keep in mind who you are hiding the camera from because some devices may be undetectable to someone outside your car but easily detectable to someone who is inside your car. The coke can spy cam for example would work well in your cup holder and would not draw attention to someone outside but close up the can is obviously fake.

I am not very tech savvy. How do I find a spy cam that is easy to set up?

Self-contained spy cameras are probably the easiest units to set up. Self-contained devices record to internal memories and SD cards hidden in the unit. They don't require any wiring and for the most part will operate as soon as you plug it in or with a remote control. Wireless spy cameras may be a bit more complicated for someone who is not tech savvy. While some wireless units require little setup with a television, others need to be connected to a computer or router. The most complicated camera to set up is likely the internet enabled spy cam. Still we find that most people are able to get their devices up and running with a short call from tech support if needed.

If you need help finding a device that suits your technical ability our representatives would be happy to help you choose a device that requires little to no setup. We are also happy to walk you through how a device works so that you can make a decision before you purchase. Call us at 1-888-779-2268.

How come I cannot find a bathroom spy cam on your site?

Our goal is to help people use a spy camera to solve a problem, like catching a thief or supervising their children. We realize there are many harmless reasons for putting a spy camera in a bathroom. Maybe you fear the housekeeper is stealing medication or your wife is using your facial razor to shave her underarms. While we are happy to offer assistance with such situations, we want to make sure that we do not provide someone the tools to record footage of someone doing something they have the right to do in privacy, like undressing. Therefore unfortunately we do not carry devices that are specifically designed for the bathroom like the toilet brush spy cam and the tooth brush spy cam. Additionally we do not carry devices that could be used in the shower, like the body wash spy cam or the shampoo spy cam.

Still we understand there are cases where one may find it necessary to put a spy camera in their bathroom and we do offer alternatives that can be used as such. We urge you to take consideration when placing your camera to make sure your only capturing necessary footage and avoiding the areas in the bathroom where one might expect absolute privacy. Placing the camera directly in the medicine cabinet for example is a good way to capture someone who is stealing, without risking the recording of unwanted private footage. Another solution might be to place a sign on your toilet and/or shower that says "This does not work", "out of order" or "do not use" preventing people from using these items. However you may not be able to stop someone from changing their clothes, so please use extreme caution.

Lastly it is important that you make sure you check your local laws regarding audio and video recording. Each state has different rules and stipulations that could mean the difference between breaking the law and being within your rights to do so. If you need additional assistance understanding your rights, it may be time to contact a lawyer.

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